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Brief Introduction of Certificate of Origin of China-Pakistan Free Trade Area

Source:BPOC   Time:2016-12-26

Definition of CO

Certificate of Origin (CO) is a specific institution issued by the exporting country to prove its export goods for the country (or region). A certificate of origin, the request of the importer and the exporter shall be provided by a notary public or government or a certificate issued by the exporter of goods, native or manufacture evidence. Generally divided into GSP certificate of origin (FORM A) and various regional preferential certificate of origin, and non-preferential certificate of origin.

Effect of CO

Certificate of origin is the transfer of goods trade relations person, valid credentials settlement payment, the claimant claims, acceptance of the importing country clearance, tariffs, it is exporting countries enjoy quota-importing countries to implement trade policy different credentials for different exporting countries.

CO of China-Pakistan Free Trade Area

Preference Certificate of Origin of China-Pakistan Free Trade Area can be signed and issued to Pakistan. From Jan 1st 2006, zero-tariff and preferential tariff were carried out respectively to the products of more than 300 tax items to which both parties reduced tariff in advance. The tariffs of the 486 products of 8 tax number zero tariff tax items made in China were to be reduced in three times during two years. On Jan 1st 2008, the tariffs were totally reduced to zero. Preferential tariff was carried out to the 486 products of 8 tax number zero tariff tax items made in China and the average preferential extent was 22%. The preferential tariff extents the products enjoy are from 1% to 10%.
CHINA-PAKISTAN FREE TRADE AREA AGREEMENT stipulated the sample type of Certificate of Origin and the back page explanation.

Form and Back Instructions of CO

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