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Customs Clearance Process in Sri Lanka

Source:BPOC   Time:2016-12-14

Imports Procedure

Sri Lanka had been primarily an agricultural and self-dependant sovereign nation in the ancient past. Due to historical, political and economical changes it has ceased to be a self-dependant nation. Today it is mainly dependent on trade and the Imports Division of the Sri Lanka Customs Department plays a vital role in this regard in the economy.
To ensure this task the Imports division consists of three separate units namely Long Room, "D" branch and Postal Appraising unit according to the functions; headed by Director (Imports and Tariff).

 Export Procedure

To facilitate the exporters Sri Lanka Customs Export Procedure has been simplified to a great extent in recent past. Rules and regulations have been relaxed and duty exemptions and concessionary duty rates are given to exporters as an encouragement. Export promotional schemes have been implemented with collaboration with other state agencies as a part of state endeavor to develop Sri Lanka as a country with an export oriented economy. In addition,Sri Lanka Customs pays a great attention in all export related activities to safeguard national wealth such as archeological treasure and fauna and flora by implementing related laws.